The Hubs likes to play Londonbeat’s “I’ve Been Thinking About You,” when he gets his nightly ice cream.

It’s #FanVid Fridays once again on Adventures of The Irish Cowgirl, and I’ve picked a doosy for you this week (is that how’s it’s spelled, by the by, “doosy”?) I present YouTuber Smumsi’s tribute The Walking Dead: Time.

A heart-wrenching look back through the last three seasons, it does a really great job of covering the core message of both the show and the graphic novel: how much of yourself are you willing to lose to survive? The editing is great, but what I really love how she uses minimal music and lets audio and video clips from the show to do the talking.

Enjoy! Any suggestions for future #FanVid Fridays?


Hey, y’all! Do to an unexpected visit from my father-in-law “Grumpy Bear,” I was unable to get a blog post up yesterday. Well, unless you count the brief appearance of the space-saver for my queue that accidentally went up for around ten minutes yesterday. Whoops.

Anyway, #FanVid Fridays entry is coming up tonight, with resuming blog posts tonight. Cheers!